Jordan Baptist Church of Sanford, Florida was organized into a New Testament Church in June of 1956 by authority of the Jordan Baptist Church of Portage, Indiana. T.P. Simmons was the organizing Pastor. William Stevens was the first pastor. Pastor George Sledd and the membership cordially invite all former members, friends and sister churches to attend our celebration homecoming conference.


Friday, June 3rd, 2016

7pm – Dr. Sheridan Stanton (Pastor of JBC from 1978 to 1983)

Saturday, June 4th, 2016 (Fellowship Meeting)

10am – Pastor Tony Herald (Pastor of JBC from 1988 to 1990)
11am – Pastor Doug King (Temple Baptist Church, Arcadia, Fl)
12:15pm – Lunch in Fellowship Annex

Sunday, June 5th, 2016

10:30am – Dr. George Sledd (Pastor of JBC from 1990 to present)
11:30am – Worlie “Skip” McCoy (New Hope Recovery 1999 to 2006)
12:30pm – Dinner in the Fellowship Annex

Our Church
Pastor George Sledd
Jordan Baptist Church
920 Upsala Road
Sanford, Florida 32771
(407) 417-0204
Map & Directions
  • Sunday Bible Study 10:00am
  • Sunday Worship 11:00am
  • Sunday Children's Church 11:00am
  • Sunday Afternoon Service 2:30pm
  • Tuesday Bible Study (Serenity Towers) 10:30am
  • Wednesday Service 6:00pm
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