Sunday Morning Prayer: We are meeting every Sunday morning at 9am in the church foyer for coffee, donuts and prayer. You are welcome to join us!

Sunday Afternoon Service: We are starting a new series on Sunday afternoon entitled Growing in Grace.

Morning Service

Hymn: 470 – What a Day That Will Be!


Praise: God is so Good (♮)

Announcements and Offering

Hymn: 265 – There Is a Fountain


Invitation: 321 – It Is Well With My Soul


Thank you for visiting with us. We would love to pray for you or help you with any question or need you may have. Please fill out the form below and leave this program in your seat when you leave.

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Prayer Needs

  • Zellie Thomas (Health)
  • Pam Sledd (Travel)
  • Cathy Johnson (Bereavement)
  • Bill Grimmit (Employment)
  • Harold Bratcher Family
  • Stanley Glass (Cancer)
  • Danny & Cathy Johnson (Well Repair)
  • John A Hatcher (Bereavement)
  • Mark Clark (Surgery)
  • Noma Prescott (Health)
  • Doug King (Knee Surgery)
  • Sheridan Stanton (Health)
  • Barbara Tindell (Health)
  • Jeff Tindall (Health)
  • Eddie Kramarcik (Health)
  • Grace Besa (Health)
  • Jack White (Surgery)
  • Danny Johnson (Health)
  • Angela Raymond (Health)
  • Tracy Eldridge (Health)
  • Diane Melford (Stroke
  • Dwight Lightell (Heart)
  • Scott Swift

Contribute to the Ministry

If you would like to donate online, please visit:


Sunday Morning Offering: $1,234.00

Church Security Fund: $50.00

Current General Fund $16,313.33

Building Fund: $962.00

Jordan Savings Account: $13,300.00

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